1873 .44-40, S/n 29,2xx

Manufactured in 1879 and brought across the country by my great-grandfather, who was likely its original owner.

Someday, I'll write the Cody Museum and see what records they have on it.



1876 Saddle Ring Carbine S/N 28xxx

Chambered in .45-75, this carbine is very similar to those issued to the NWMP, but its serial number and manufacture date (1882) don't  match the records for those rifles.

Regardless, family legend has this rifle also having come across the Great Divide with my great-grandfather when he settled here on the West Coast.



1892 .32-20

Manufactured in 1897, my dad bought this rifle years ago from an old friend for about $15.

Somebody trimmed the fore grip down at some point, which is too bad, but all in all it's a very nice rifle.



1892 .25-20

This rifle was my grandfather's on my mother's side. It was manufactured in 1915.



1895 .405 Win

Another rifle my father bought for $15 long ago...this one was manufactured in 1913. I am very fond of this bruiser.



1885 .32-40

My father traded a Crossman air-pistol for this nice old rifle. It had a very crude, home made set of wood on it, and I restocked it a couple years ago.

It turned out very nice. The metal is in good shape, with a nice patina, and traces of original color case hardening in places.

A real shame it lacks its original wood. Serial number shows this one was manufactured in 1892.



Model 64 .30-30

Lyman peep sight equipped.


Model 94 .30-30

1976 produced deer banger. Nice shape, though, for a post '64. Great rifle non-the-less.


1890 .22lr



1890 .22WRF



Model 9422 .22lr

I bought this one a few years back after briefly owning one of the new Henry Repeating Arms .22's.

The plastic on that piece quickly convinced me I needed an actual Winchester.

I am glad I upgraded, as this rifle is amazingly accurate and is a real hoot when loaded up with 20 shorts!



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