Vector Arms V-93 5.56mm


Another Hechler-Koch clone. Yep. Just like my Coharie (in fact many of the Vector pieces, parts and assemblies were made by Coharie, Shhh! Big secret), this is another American made copy of the ever-so pricey (because they are ever-so desirable) German HK series of rifles. In particular, the V-93 is a clone of the HK-93 semi-automatic version of the HK-33 assault rifle. Confused? It's just beginning.

The HK-33 was a .223 based variant of the firms very successful G-3 7.62 NATO battle rifle. It was designed during the 1960's primarily for export, and proved amazingly popular the world over. The HK-93 was the semi-automatic version spawned off of this, and was imported to the United States from 1974 until 1989 when the first Evil Pres. Bush banned the importation of any "assault weapons" not deemed "sporting". Which eventually led the way for a host of enterprising individuals to begin making homegrown U.S. made duplicates. Such as the Vector V-93.

The Vectors have a very good reputation for quality approaching that of the original Heckler-Koch rifles, which turned out to be why there won't be any more of them.

While HK had let the patent's expire on all these weapons (the HK91, 93 and 94), they have none-the-less recently set about suing all the small, American clone makers based on what is in essence a "Look and Feel" issue.  Shame on them.

None of the cottage industry clone mfg's has nearly enough resources to fight Heckler & Koch in court, despite cases with excellent precedent in their favor (Colt Vs. Bushmaster, etc.)

And so Vector was forced to shut down it's production of these fine rifles. I may not ever even shoot this rifle, as it is certain to double in value for that reason, along with any impending Democrat-perpetrated ban that may, or may not come down the road. Money in the bank.

I actually owned a real Heckler & Koch HK-93A3 back in the '90's. It was my favorite rifle for a long time. I eventually sold it when they started going for well over $1500. Now they are going for upwards of $3000! Which is another reason the clones have became so popular.

I can't wait to get some time with this rifle, and see how it stacks up against the previous one. I made sure I have plenty of magazines too, 8 x 40 round aluminum alloy mags, and 1 x 25 steel (left over from my first '93).

I have a genuine German H&K telescoping A3 stock on its way right now, and am eagerly looking for a slim hand-guard, but they have become ridiculously expensive due to scarcity. I might have to go with an aluminum rail system or some such. I just never liked the wide grip...

Regardless of whose name is on the side, this sure is a cool rifle. I am glad I bought it. I am already thinking it may be too hard to part with twice...this may be a "keeper" even with its potential $$$ appreciation.

I doubt I'll ever get a third chance to own one.


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