Heckler Koch USC/UMP .45ACP Carbine

This is likely the most expensive firearm I've yet bought.


As if that wasn't bad enough, I then spent at least half again as much retro fitting it from its politically correct version, back to something approaching its original combat pedigree.

...and after all that, I still haven't milled out certain vents, or applied for an SBR stamp for it.

I did decide to replace the stock with one from an ACR. I did the same thing to both my SCAR 17's as well.

I have never owned an ACR, and I doubt I will, but I do think the did a good job on the stock. Somebody makes one I like more, I'll replace these with that, but until then I'm pretty happy with it. Much more functional than the dated one the UMP came with.

It is an amazing weapon. However, one of the reasons it's so awesome, is also it's biggest handicap.


The rifle is chambered in .45ACP, which is a wonderful handgun cartridge, and a proven sub-machine gun round.

However, in a hybrid such as this, without the benefit of full auto, that .45 round, while blistering at close range, rapidly becomes a proverbial boat anchor at about 100 yards. This thing looses all it's tacti-cool quickly and becomes little more than a .45 caliber howitzer. Or maybe a sling-shot.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want to be hit by a .45 bullet at any distance, but when you have to aim six feet above the target, there are better choices. So for a sub-machine gun, or a pistol, it's a great cartridge. For a 16" carbine. Not so much.