Sig-Hämmerli Trailside 22           



I bought this pistol due to it's amazing light weight. It was the early '90's (1990's, you dope, I'm not THAT old), and I was blasting around the Pacific Northwest trails on my shiny new mountain bike. I couldn't help wonder what was stopping bandits from lying in wait in those same trails, waiting to relieve un-armed riders of their shiny new, and very expensive mountain bikes. Add to that the prospect of crashing into a cougar or bear, or just finding a perfect little plinking spot, and the need for light little pistol became paramount. 


I've had it for several years, and it is a dream to shoot. Even with the shorter barrel length.

It is a simple design. No frills. Easy to take down. Simple, and reliable.

I only wish I had waited several months to buy it, because later versions have an actual screw through the plastic nose piece, and mine always falls off.

I imagine I could "buy" a replacement from Sig, but I'm sure it would cost twenty seven billion dollars, and it's not that big of a deal.

When I got married, and took my wife shooting, she promptly decided that this was "HER" Sig. I don't ever recall officially agreeing to this transfer, and she technically can't own a pistol, being a resident alien without a permit, but other than that...

Who am I to argue with my wife???



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