Thompson 1927-A1 NOW SBR'd (See bottom of page)

"Tommy Gun"


The name says it all. From Eliot Ness, to Audie Murphy, from the ally ways of Prohibition Chicago to the bloody black sands of Iwo Jima... 


...the Thompson submachine gun stitched a name for itself in .45 caliber holes for the whole world to see.

The stuff that legends are made of. This firearm is certainly legendary. It is arguably the most recognizable firearm ever made, and deservedly so.



Carried by heroes, both real and imaginary.

My father carried one on Okinawa... My boss carried one in Vietnam... I carry mine "plinking"...

Mine is a long barreled, semi-automatic version of current manufacture, and at 13 pounds unloaded with that terribly unwieldy 18" barrel, it's not very tactical, nor very practical. However, I didn't buy it for either of those reasons. It's still a Thompson, and a wonderful replica of one of the 20th centuries most notable weapons of war. I don't expect to ever use it for anything other than plinking...

...but certainly plinking with style!

This is the third 1927 semi-auto I've owned. The first was an West Hurly Auto-Ordnance I had back in the '90's. I don't recall what urgent need had me sell that, but it had to go. Then, a couple years later, my wife decided she wanted a Volvo turbo wagon. The very thought of me owning a Volvo made me want to vomit. I only acquiesced if she agreed to me buying another tommygun. She, surprisingly, agreed. She was still in the lobby doing the paperwork when I sauntered in with my new WW2 M1 style Thompson. The Volvo turned out to be just as big a piece of crap as I thought it would. The Thompson worked like a charm...

The Kahr TM-1 was great, except being the M1 style, it couldn't take the drum magazine, and didn't have a Cutt's compensator. It also had the charging handle on the right side, and one of my sons is left handed. I figured I'd better get a 1928 style one to address all those issues. Sold it to a pal for a good deal, and started marking time until I'd get another.

Fast forward a few years...

I don't own an original Tommy-gun for two reasons, both of which I'd love to change, yet am unlikely ever to in the short term.

The first is, that I live in a repressive state which forbids both fully automatic firearms, and rifles with barrels less than 16" in length (SBR's). NOT ANY MORE SEE BELOW!

Living on the "Left Coast", the odds are that these laws will not be changing any time soon, despite the fact that the Federal Gov't allows both. Sure, I could move, but my roots are mighty deep here, and even if I did live in a state that allowed private ownership of licensed machine guns, there's still the second reason...

Which is that fully automatic Thompson's now start at $16,000.00 and rapidly go up from there, which is way out of my price range. Heck, who am I kidding? Feeding the thing a steady diet of .45ACP would break my bank account. I'd like to change that too, but I don't play the lotto, and when I asked my boss for a $20,000 raise to buy a Tommy-gun, he just shook his head, and kept dusting his credenza.

I moved the muzzle compensator backwards 2" by cutting the barrel, re-crowning it, welding the compensator permanently in place, grinding the welds, and re-bluing it to give it a little more accurate look, while still maintaining the 16" required by law.




Here is is in the "new" antique violin case I bought for it:

I am going to rivet Velcro...or possibly leather straps inside to keep things snug. I may also re-line the inside, but I saved enough material from ripping out the violin forms and compartments, that I may be able to re-use it. Note the authentic Lyman sight on the left, which will soon be riveted in place of the usable, but somewhat bogus Kahr unit.

I sure am having fun with this thing!

I have now made this an NFA SBR. Stay tuned for a complete revamp of this page accordingly:

It was fun before, but now it's like a whole new firearm (which it is technically according to the BATFE).

Seriously though, if you have a Kahr Thompson, and live in a state that allows Short Barrel Rifles, DO IT.

It makes it so much very better it's unbelieveable.

Of course, now that it's so fun, I shoot it more, and .45acp ain't cheap.

You wanna play, you gotta pay.



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