GSG Schmeisser STG-44 .22 Sturmgewehr

I could never afford a Stg-44.

I couldn't even afford the nice semi-auto knock-off's PTR imported a few years ago.



So thanks ATI, GSG, and SCHMEISSER, for making this nice .22 that I could afford.


For as .22 play rifles go, this one is expensive, and heavy, but it sure is fun. I sure wish I'd had this when I was 16 and me and my pals used to go out with bricks of .22 ammo and shoot up the countryside. Now I'm closing in on 50, and the countryside is no longer overly condusive to being shot up, and bricks of .22 cost over an arm and a leg, if you can even find them...but at least I have this!

Plinkity plink plink plink!


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