Century/Wiselite Sterling Mk.IV 9mm Carbine

Iconic. that's the word that best describes this fun little carbine.


Forged in the crucible of the Second World War, and still in use around the globe today in its original submachine-gun form.

This one is in semi-automatic only, and has the requisite 16 inch barrel mandated by U.S. law.

With the big barrel, it's not as handy as an SMG, but it sure makes a sweet little "plinker". 9mm ammo is among the more affordable cartridges to shoot these days, and this carbine will shoot all day. The sights are rudimentary, but servicable, and once adjusted, it has proven quite accurate. Minute of pop can all day.

For the price these were selling for while in production, they are a much better rifle than the heavier Uzi 9mm.

For those of us with an interest in military-style firearms, it is an important part of the collection.

I do not plan on SBR'ing it at this time, because I rather like it with it as a carbine.

I am, however, debating adding a removable rail section and a red-dot sight.

That way I can hit things better than the Star Wars stormtroopers who were armed with a modifed version of this firearm, and could never hit squat.