Beretta Stampede .357 Magnum     


When I bought my first Beretta Stampede, my 5.5" .45Colt (preceding pistol), I remember standing at the gun shop's counter pondering barrel length and caliber for the longest time.

I eventually settled on the 5.5 for some reason, and .45 Colt because it was .45 Colt.

Good choices, both, but over the years something was always lacking. In fact, it was pretty much the next day that I started pining for the longer barrel.

I shot the .45 for a few years, bought two or three others clones in .45 Colt, and eventually bought a Ruger New Model Vaquero in .357 Magnum.

I liked it alot, but once again soon came to yearn for the longer barrel.

I had actually never stopped yearning, but Ruger, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't offer the .357 in a 7.5" barrel. Of course, neither does Beretta.


It had been discontinued years ago. Then one day I found one on an internet auction site. 

New In Box, unfired, pristine, and only $275.00, about half what they seem to be going for,  with less than three hours to go. 

"PLUNK!" went my money

Three hours and six minutes later I got an email saying I had won the auction and to contact the seller. I fired off an email.

Two or three days went by with no answer, so I waited. Soon I sent another email. Two weeks went by. Then, in desperation, I actually "called" the phone number provided.

I got his widow.

The seller had recently perished in a house fire. It was very tragic. He left a loving wife and children right at Christmas time. Suddenly the auction and pistol seemed really, really trivial.

I offered my condolences and tried to think of something to say. What ever it was, I'm sure it was inane and not really much help.

None of us are ever more than a heartbeat away. Time conquers all in the end. Enjoy the hours you have each day!

Eventually, I found another 7.5" .357 Magnum Beretta Stampede and bought it. It is one of my favorite six-guns.

My youngest son named it the "Bad Guy" gun, because it's all black "and scary looking."

 I like the balance, I like the cartridge, and I'm pretty accurate with it (which is saying something, as I've never been a great pistol shot with anything bigger than a .22).

I keep coming back to the Stampede's because of their quality, price, and transfer bar safety.

I like to carry six rounds, and that's just not safe with a Colt, or close copy.

As you can see, my Hunter Buscadero belt and holster need to be broken in, but time...time will actually help here.



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