Walther PP .380      


Everybody loves the Walther PPK. Everybody but me.


Sure, I dig James Bond just like everybody else, but I've always found the PPK to be a bit overhyped.


Especially in the 7.65mm/.32ACP versions. Still, I had all these other German firearms, and the iconic Walther "Police Pistols" were just that. Iconic.


I decided that a real "PP", and not the smaller PPK (Polizei Pistole Kurz/Police Pistol Short) might do the job.

Especially if I could find a wartime Luftwaffe varient in .380. Most WW2 PP's and PPK's were chambered in 7.65mm.

While searching endlessly for just the right one (the version I sought was pretty rare, especially if you A) wanted a nice one, and B) didn't want to spend an arm and a leg),

I found this post-war example. "New in box never fired 1968 German made Walther PP" the ad said (or something like that. I paraphrase alot).

"Hmmm", thought I, "That might work". So I plunked down some coin (it was also priced nicely), and made it mine.

I had initially thought that I would rather have a post-war example I could shoot a bunch and not worry about versus a collectable WW2 pistol.

Sure, that's great. Except this really does appear to be a new in box unfired example, and as such, while not as collectable as a WW2 pistol by any stretch of the imagination, I can't bring myself to de-virginate it. I have gone so far as to load the magazine, and hand cycle a round or two, but I...just...can't...shoot it!

1968 was the year they Gun Control Act passed and import marks were required on all firearms coming into the United States.

I've seen examples with serial numbers just a few thousands earlier than mine without the Interarms stamp. Sadly, mine has one, but it must be one of the very first to sport it.

Unfortunately, post-war non-import marked Walthers are sort of collectable, and very early import marked Walthers pretty much aren't. So, yeah. The only thing this one has going for it is it's pristine condition.

That and its an "Iconic" Walther PP.




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