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Arisaka Type 38 6.5mm

Mums the word. WW2 Japanese battle rifle. All matching, complete with dust cover and Imperial Chrysanthemum. 935,xxx manufactured pre-1935 at the Koishikawa arsenal. "S" marked barrel proof. Beautiful specimen except for all the surface rust and discoloration on this old war horse.


Winchester Model 70 Featherweight .22-250

College graduation present from my father. Wonderful rifle. The action is as smooth as butter.


Browning BLR .270 Win.


Carried this rifle for afield for over 10 years. Amazingly accurate. I shot it from it's stock iron sights most of the time, until my eyes started failing me.  



Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktori  M94/14 6.5x55mm Carbine (sporterized)

I still have the stock and original sights for this now collectible piece, maybe someday I'll de-sporterize it. However, with any collector value already gone, I might as well just leave it as a handy little deer-slayer. This was the first rifle I ever hunted with.













BRNO VZ-24 8mm (sporterized)

Another collectable military rifle my Dad de-collectibalized. This one came into his possession with a banana-peel splayed barrel, and he cut and re-crowned it himself before sporterizing it fully. Seeing as the barrel was destroyed when he got it, I don't blame him too much for this desecration. Of course, who knew just after WW2, that all these rifles would ever be collectible? At the time, surplus bolt action rifles were selling for about $10 a piece. Some even cheaper. Why NOT sporterize them? Different story now.


Ruger M77 .338 Magnum All Weather



Marlin Model 1895 .45-70 Gov't.


Weatherby Model XXII .22lr

With original Weatherby scope. These are getting a little collectable now.



Mossburg 500EG .410

I inherited this from my wonderful Uncle Pete along with a few other firearms. None of his children had even the remotest interest in them. Such are the times we live in.

He was a really neat fellow, and it is in his honor that I cherish these arms. I'm not a big shotgunner, and with one or two exceptions, none of the arms he left me are overly valuable, yet even if they were I could never part with them. They are all that I have left of him, and that is priceless.



Sears J.C. Higgin's 583.2003 (High Standard M20) 20 gauge

Another part of my Uncle Pete's collection.



Yugoslavian M24/47 7.92x57mm Mauser (Specimin #1)

Yugoslavian produced version of the reknown K98 Mauser.



Yugoslavian M24/47 7.92x57mm Mauser (Specimen #2)

I was happy with the first one, but when I saw this fresher example at Big5 for under $100, I couldn't resist.

...Then all the cheap 8mm surplus ammo dried up. :(



Still un-pictured:

    Steven's "Favorite" .22
    Hawkin .50cal.
    Model 1842 Harper's Ferry .69cal.
    1897 Winchester 12 guage
    Mark X Yugoslavian Mauser .300 Magnum
    Steven's .410 shotgun
    M33 Remington .22
    46M Mossburg .22
    1903 Springfield Mark I Sporterized .22-250
    New Model Army .44 Navy Arms
    1903/38 Turkish Mauser 7.92mm
    Type 99 Arisaka "Last Ditch" 7.7mm


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