Walther MP-5 .22 short barreled rifle


Umarex owns Walther. Walther has a license from Heckler & Koch. Around and around we go...

This was a fun plinking carbine when I got it, and one of the first, if not the first firearms I submitted a Form 1 for when I decided to get into NFA firearms.

I knew it would be fun with a capital FUN.

Once I got my tax stamp, I disassembled the rifle, chopped the barrel with my trusty Harbor Freight chop saw, recrowned the barrel with a drill and round stone bit. and... got cold feet about tapping the threads.

I have never tapped threads before, and risking my Sparrow suppressor on my Bubba gunsmithing was more than I wanted to risk. I'm the guy that measures twice, and cuts three times after still getting it wrong. I know that about me. I wasn't worried about chopping the barrel, because hey, it's a .22 SMG clone - what sort of accuracy are you really expecting?

Fortunatly, I was quickly able to buy an authentic, factory threaded pistol barrel from the Umarex/Walther HK416 pistol.

I still had to trim the barrel sleeve, but my measuring skills proved up to that task and I had a really, really fun plinker for a while. Then disaster struck.

I didn't see it happen, but I think the rifle must have fallen over while the suppressor was on it. That's the only thing I can see that caused the last 1/4" - the threaded part - to suddenly can't several degrees to the right, resulting in bullets striking several feet off target at 20 feet.

Heartbreak! Because now those 416 pistol barrels have become unobtanium. I tried ordering one for several months, and the answer is always the same "Backordered from Germany with no expectation date". I finally got sick of this, and ordered two 16" rifle barrels, which were in stock, and am having a local machine shop chop and thread them for me. That way I don't have to worry about my poor measuring skills.

In the meantime, the original barrel I chopped, and crowned is back in the rifle, and, SURPRISE! It is amazingly accurate. I got it right. Still not going to try threading it myself.