MK Arms MK-760 9mm NFA Short Barreled Rifle

MKArms began making this clone of the Viet Nam war era Smith & Wesson Model 76 back in 1983.

They made both semi, and full-auto guns until the various gun bans drove them out of business.


I fell in love with the Smith & Wesson Model 76 sub-machinegun within the first five minutes of "The Omega Man".

Any weapon Chuck Heston would use in a mutant crawling post-apocalypse is good enough for me.

Though mine is a semi-auto. I did do the NFA Tax stamp routine to remove the un-Godly 16" barrel.

With that big barrel, this smg knock-off was a handful. Now, back in the original pattern MKArms adapted from the S&W original, it is very handy, and a great little carbine.

When I first got it, it had a few problems. I am no gunsmith, but I do like to tinker. I found the extractor was broken.

I used the parts as a pattern, and fabricated a replacement out in my shop in about 20 minutes.

Then I Bubba heat-treated it, and now, several years and hundreds, if not thousands of rounds later, it works very nicely.

Another issue I had leading up to it working nicely, was I trash canned the original magazine, and now use modified Suomi magazines exclusively.

The original would cause all sorts of feeding problems.

Modifying a Suomi to work in this thing is about a five minute job, and to date I've done about twelve, and all work better than the original.

I very seldom have any sort of malfunctions at all, which is nice, because that's the last thing you want when these guys show up: