ISSC MK-22 Modern Sporting Rifle 

I had this rifle on order long before they were actually released.

Here's why - I bought this rifle as a .22lr trainer for my FN SCAR17S, whose ready appetite for 7.62x51 ammo gets expensive.

As you can see from the picture below, the MK22 was SUPPOSED to look nearly identical to the SCAR. Lawyers got involved. 

That's all I have to say, isn't it? Damned shame. 

I'm note overly fond of lawyers. Many of them are parasites. The only thing worse than a lawyer, is a career politician. 

Lawyers are generally the larva stage of politicians

As purchased, after removing crappy stock iron sights, and with the addition of a Primary Arms red dot sight and American Defense mount.

Doesn't even look like the same gun anymore does it? Exactly. By the time I found out they had done that, my order was already at my dealers waiting pickup.

 Talk about "Bait and switch". I was pissed. Still am. What are ya gonna do?

Despite having to get used to the dorky Gen. 1 cheek piece, the ugly "grip" lines all over the thing, and the butchered front sight base, the rifle actually shoots very well. 

Stock folded.

With "Big Brother". Despite all their pre-release hype about this rifle being "all metal", and "not like other plastic .22's", it's just a GSG-5 crammed into an airsoft SCAR body.

Seriously. Take it apart and the "action" is 100% interchangeable with that of the GSG-5. Even the faux flash surpresser is from the GSG-5P pistol. 

The barrel is a sleaved one like the GSG, and I'm pretty sure the trigger is GSG as well. OEM'ed for ISSC to be sure, but guess what - if it quacks like a duck...

Of course, I like my GSG-5's so that part doesn't upset me as much as the hype the company made to make buyers believe it wasn't so. 

Here you can see I got tired of black, and decided to go FDE. 

I also finally got around to replacing the crappy stock iron sights with some Magpul units. You can see my FDE isn't quite dark enough. But hey, it's Krylon. Give me a break.

I chose Krylon over Moly Resin or Duracoat for one reason...I WANT it to scratch off! I figure in three months I'm going to have a rifle that looks like it's "been there, done that".

Which is always a cool look, even for a .22 faux SCAR plinker.

It's quite accurate, and, after grinding five loops off the firing pin return spring, and removing the constraining "Firing Pin Safety", surprisingly reliable with a whole host of .22 ammo. Prior to that it was quite finicky, suffering from a plague of light primer strike issues. After removing the coils, and still having issues, I sleuthed out the firing pin safety (Lawyers again?) was impeding the full range of motion of the firing pin and chucked it. Ever since, it has turned from zero to hero, and has replaced my 10/22 as my "Quick! Blast that squirrel" rifle sitting in the corner by the back door. 100% reliability now, other than the rare crappy ammo failure.

If you are thinking about doing either of these modifications, please be aware they no doubt make the rifle less safe (...about as safe as the 40 year old, non-firing pin safetied Ruger 10/22 design), but you do so at your own risk, and I am not to be held responsible for any actions you may take in modifying your weapon from its factory configuration (There, are you happy Lawyers?). What worked for me, may not be the best choice for you, and my rifle was well out of warranty when I did it. The cool thing is, removing that safety is free, and I can always put it back in if I decide to sell it.

Next I got tired of FDE and tried a little two tone tan & foliage green. That didn't work out so well in the contrast dept. 

So I decided to really "bubba" the thing up - and I haven't been able to stop slapping paint on it since!

The two pics at the top of the page are the current paint scheme. You can see it has a little more dark green and contrasting edges than what you see here. 

It's a lot more "Woodland" now, but that suits Western Washington to a "T".



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