DS Arms Stg-58 F.A.L.



I can't believe how many F.A.L.'s I've had over the years.

This is my SIXTH F.A.L. (Fusil Automatique Leger - Light Automatic Rifle). The reason I've had so many isn't so much that I really, really like the design, it's actually the reverse.

I really WANT to like the design, but I've just never been that impressed with it. And so, when ever I needed money for another gun, or somebody wanted to trade, it was always the FAL that seemed to be on the top of my "Expendables" list.

They are a fine rifle, and always popular, so that was OK by me, as I could always find someone to buy or trade it to.

Yet, I'd always find myself coming back to buying another one, as there is something quite attractive about the rifle. It is a lightweight, air-cooled, magazine fed, battle rifle chambered in the powerful 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) cartridge, and as such is one of the more powerful rifles used on the modern battlefield. It has a long, and storied battle history with major use by the UK, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Austria, Rhodesia, Portugal...the list goes on and on. Upwards of 90 different countries employed the FAL in one form or another over the last 60 years, and it is still in service in many of them, with many of those countries who opted to replace it with smaller, lighter (5.56mm) rifles pining to return to the old workhorse. Even the United States considered adopting the rifle, but it lost out to the domestically created M-14, more out of politics, and nationalism, than to functionality. Just looking at the lines of the rifle it is menacing, and even sexy if that is possible in a rifle. For a weapon of war, it is nearly a piece of art.

However, I have never found it to be as accurate as an M-14, and being much heavier, and more expensive to shoot than an AR-15, it never bit me as being much of a recreational rifle. I have owned versions with several different barrel lengths, in an attempt to find the sweet spot that would make it a favored weapon, but never was successful.

First DSA SA-58 I owned (though 3rd FAL, first two were ugly Century thumbhole L1A1's).

I replaced it a few weeks later by "upgrading" to this one from the same shop: The SA-58LE

There FAL-lowed (yuck, yuck) a break of FAL ownership for several years before I bought another SA-58, but with the full length handguards on a 16" barrel. It was a fine rifle, but I sold it to a friend as part of a package deal.

Eventually, I found a deal I just couldn't pass up, and got this one:

It's a very nice Austrian Stg-58 kit built on a DSArms Type 1 receiver. It's actually grown on me quite a bit, and I don't think I'll be parting with this one. Though I always say that right up until I need money for a different one.


Another problem I'd always had with the FAL, is, I just can't ever hit a damned thing with them. None of them. I think it's their rear sight. So this time, I solved the problem by putting a cheap Bushnell Holo sight on it. Sure, this won't help out past about 100 yards, but as I can never hit anything with a FAL that's Ok.

...and if I need to reach out farther, there's always the ACOG.


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