Confederate Navy Model 1851 .44 caliber   

Another example of the 1851 Navy.

When I received this pistol from a relative, it had been neglected to the point that the cylinder was rusted in place. It hadn't been cleaned after firing, the bane of black powder firearms, as the powder is very corrosive.

I hit it with WD-40 and was able to disassemble it after a while, and it cleaned up very well. The bore is still unfortunately pitted, but not unuseably so, and the cylinder functions correctly. As these are valued at about $100, and I got this one as a gift, that's all the work it warrants, though it is a very handsome pistol to look at. Despite their incredible value, and the fact I think they are perhaps the most artistic, and best looking firearm ever made, I have never seen fit to actually "buy" one. I don't seem to need to, they keep coming to me. I can't help but wonder how many more of these I will end up with. Dozens I hope. Please send all your unwanted 1851 reproduction pistols my way. They will have a good home!


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