Colt / Umarex M16 .22 tactical Rifle



Fun! Fun! Fun!

This is the rifle I really, really wanted back when I was a kid. It's just 40 years late.

Over the years I've had many .22 rifles. I can't remember when I've enjoyed one more.

I've had a couple 10/22's, a couple GSG-5's, the ISSC Mk-22, and a dedicated AR .22 upper. None of them are/were as reliable or fun as this gun.

What sets this one apart, is that it feels solid, is dead on accurate, and WORKS when the trigger is pulled.

The 10/22 fits that bill, true, but I've never liked the aftermarket hicap mags for it...and it doesn't look like an M16.

All the other "tactical" .22's I've tried over the years have one big issue, they are finicky with ammo. 

In particular, the Remington gold/green box ammo you see in the photo above.

I've shot this stuff for years, because it's always available pretty cheaply, and works well.

...except in tactical .22's apparently. 

On day one, I shot 300+ rounds through the Colt without a single failure of any kind. 

There are a lot of folks who decry the Colt / Umarex rifle as being too "airsoft", or "not being a real AR-15" because the parts aren't interchangeable, or even operational (bolt hold open).

Having tried a number of others, I'll gladly take that trade off for a reliable, accurate, lightweight plinker that holds true to the AR's look and feel. I consider this one a big winner.

...and coming in under $400 brand new at Big 5 goes a long way to offsetting any negative appeal as well. I can buy a LOT of .22 ammo for the difference between this and a $700 dedicated .22 AR. 

As currently configured with A.R.M.S. back up iron sight, Primary Arms red dot on American Defense mount, with Yankee Hill lightweight forearms. I swap optics a bit, but generally use this one most of the time. I really like this rifle, and after all the other faux-black rifle .22's I've had, it's nice to finally have one that satisfies my eclectic and finicky tastes.

Except now I can't stop thinking about trying a S&W 16" rifle with a suppressor...

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