Coharie CA89 9mm  NFA SBR


This is the 2nd Coharie MP5 clone I owned. The first was the rifle version, with the pinned on faux suppressor.

I shot the crap out of that rifle, and enjoyed every minute. However, with the 16" barrel it was just...not right, so I sold it, and bought the pistol version.


I played around with it, making sure it was reliable. Coharie Firearms came with a LOT of baggage, with questionable reliability and and seemingly 'spotty' build quality.

I can't speak to that, as both examples I have owned, as well as the Special Weapons SW5 I had before have always worked like fine Swiss watches.

OH! I take that back - I did experience a dozen malfunctions in the first three magazines on this one, but it has run 100% ever since, and is not picky on ammo in the slightest.

These days I feed it a mixed diet of Priv Partisan, Wolf steel cased, and Federal 147 grain flat nosed FMJ, which the suppressor loves.

Coharie isn't around any more, but if they were I would buy another at the drop of the hat. I've made Century arms work. Coharie was never that bad.

I can't begin to enumerate how many rounds I've put through this gun. Enough to make me start worrying about its longevity. However, so far, it just keeps on keeping on.

I wouldn't hesitate to keep it as my bed side 'go to' weapon, but leaving an NFA firearm unsecured like that opens all sorts of issues I'd just as soon not have to bother with. going to prison.

This firearm is one of my favorites. It is handy, reliable, and throws a crap load of 9mm anywhere I want it to.

...add the AAC Multi-Mount, and it does so with a whisper.

There are numerous MP5 clone makers these days, including some whose build prices approach that of an original H&K.

They all reputedly run 100%. I doubt I'll ever know, as I already have one that runs 100%, and cost a whole lot less.

pew. pew. pew. 


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