Century C93p NFA Short Barreled Rifle


This is one of the funnest firearms I have.


Century Firearms has had a hit or miss reputation for some time, but they never fail to provide interesting firearms at attractive prices.

They just might not work.

(As originally purchased)


Despite this reputation, I have owned several Century firearms over the years, and other than a really piss-poor inch pattern FAL back in the 90's, they have all been pretty good.

This one was no different. The bolt gap was off, so I had to drop in a different sized set of locking rollers and it's run like a clock ever since.

As soon as I bought it, I submitted an E-File Form 1 to make it an SBR, and I couldn't be happier.

I wish factory magazines were cheaper, but that's the way it is. I've tried several polymer mags with mixed results.

It seems to like surplus Bundeswehr 40 rounders best, but even they have gone up in price in the last few years.


It always works, always draws interested looks, and always hits the target.