Remington 870 12 gauge Pump Shotgun



That sound, piercing the darkened silence inside an otherwise quit home, has probably thwarted more burglaries than any statistician will ever know.

It is a criminals worst nightmare.

Owner awake - Armed with a shotgun...

Nothing says "Get the hell out of here" clearer than that.


I have a lot of firearms. Most of them are kept in a large reinforced concrete and steel vault.

This one isn't.

I have it modified with a 10 round magazine extension, and I carry a full reload on the sling.

"Just in case"

I have also opted to keep this weapon equipped with a nice, hard wooden stock.

I learned the art of the vertical and horizontal buttstroke in the Marines once upon a time, and I have a special fondness for weapons capable of properly employing such tactics.

I am a strong proponent of the "I'd rather have it, and not need it, than need it and not have it" club.


I've never been much of a bird hunter or trap shooter. I'm not bad at it, just haven't done a lot of it.

Therefore, I feel more comfortable with the Deer sights than I would with a bead or rail.

If I were shooting skeet or trap, or birds, I wouldn't be using the 18" barrel anyway.

However, shooting skeet isn't what I bought this particular shotgun for.

This is the last thing many bad men have seen since the 870's inception.

It is a fate I would not hesitate to impart upon anyone threatening my family inside my home.

So long as I knew I had acted in the self defense of those I love, I would never lose a moments sleep thereafter.


So help me God!



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