AR-15 6.8 Remington SPC II Mid-length Carbine


I built this rifle to go along with the 5.56 carbine I built in the spring of 2013. I actually started this one first, but it took me longer to get it done.

I wanted the two rifles to be identical other than caliber. They almost are. In the end, I went with an 18 inch barrel for the 6.8 Rem SPC II cartridge this rifle is chambered for. That and the Tango Down Battlegrip are the biggest differences. Oh, and the backup irons. Eventually, I will put Troy sights on this one too, as well as the Magpul grip. Just had to go with what I had for now. Parts were scarce.

I've had this rifle out to the range twice thus far, and am having some failure to feed issues with it. I'm hoping it's the gas port, or the buffer assembly, or something like that, because if it isn't, it's either the magazines or the round itself, and I don't want it to be either of those.

I bought seven PRI 6.8 magazines for this thing, and paid stupid, ban-scare prices for them. So I don't want it to be those.


...and I don't want it to be the Silver State Ammo I've been shooting, as that's supposed to be some of the best.

I really want it to be something I can readily fix.

Because I really want to take this thing bambi hunting this fall.

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