Colt 1991A1 .45ACP               


I bought this pistol when they first introduced it back in '91. I had fallen head-over-heals in love with the 1911A1 way back when I was in the Marines. Heck, who am I kidding? I was BORN with a love for this pistol. And the endless '60's TV shows and movies that showed guys saving the day with them did nothing but cement my fondness.

"Kowalski, take three men down to the armory and secure the Flying Sub!"


Even my G.I. Joe had a 1911. Duh!

This is the fourth 1911 I have had. My first was a Colt Series 80 Mk. IV, which I sold to buy a dirtbike (the competing passion).

(before I recently replaced the grips, note the chip...)

Next I bought a Auto Ordnance version, and it was a fine pistol, but needed to be sold for some very important, long forgotten reason.

Years past, and I jumped at the chance to buy one of the Norinco 1911A1's when they were being imported so cheaply. It was a fine pistol if you could get past the "made in China" moniker. I sold it in '91 when I read Colt was making this one. I was happy with the Norchinko, but it just...seemed...WRONG.

So I bought a Colt.

Things were right again.

This pistol has served me so long, and in such good stead that it I will never part with it. It is one of the few full size pistols that I can ding cans all day with. I am a dead-eye with just about any .22, but give me any full size pistol and I'll be lucky to hit the barn door. Except with this one. I can peg anything with my .45ACP. I have proved it numerous times with ridiculous shots that have amazed my friends. Damned if I know why. Most people are intimidated by the big .45. Not me. Not this one.


It's gotten pretty beat up over the years. I have a USGI flap style holster I carry it in, and I've thought about refinishing it with Moly-Resin. Thought about it and decided against it. The scratches and holster wear on this pistol are very dear to me. They recall adventure. I don't get out to adventure much any more, but the wear on this pistol attests to the great fun I had in my youth. That may sound funny or odd to anyone who doesn't know me..."what kind of guy carries a .45 around 'adventuring'?" Me and my comrades, that's who. Or we used to. Wedding bells did a pretty good job of ending all that nonsense. Damn it.

I replaced the mainspring housing, the trigger and the grips right after purchasing it. All for aesthetics. They were plastic, and no .45 of mine was going to go into battle with plastic parts in it. That and I just preferred the look of the rounded mainspring housing, walnut grips, and a ridged trigger. Other than those things, it's stock. No accurizing done or needed.

I want to go shoot it RIGHT NOW, but it's 12:20 at night.

Maybe tomorrow.


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