Machinegun, Cal. .30, Browning , M1919A4 (Semi-Automatic)


THIS is the weapon I dreamed of all those years of my childhood watching WW2 movies and TV shows.

Col. Jack D. Ripper protecting his purity of essence.

Sgt. Guffy protecting "Bargain Basement".

Crapgame protecting "Chelsea's Burgers".


Mine is chambered in .308 and I have almost as much fun showing it off as shooting it. I bought it used. It was re-manufactured by someplace called "Partisan Armory" and is serial number 00001.

Somehow, I doubt there was ever a serial number 00002.

It runs great, as a semi-auto, and is a hoot and a half to shoot.

This spring when the weather gets nice, I'll haul it out and get some more pictures.

I have to.

It's iconic.

It won WW2.

Which wasn't a movie.

John Moses Browning does it again.