Springfield 1911 MC Operator .45 ACP



I left for United States Marine Corps bootcamp three days after graduating High School about a hundred years ago.

I was a crewman in an M60A1 tank in the Marine Corps Reserve while getting my bachelor's degree. Back then we were issued ancient, WW2 produced 1911A1's.

I don't know the story behind Springfield's "MC Operator" line, if they were submitted for testing, or they just thought it was a snazzy title.

For all I know, it really means Michigan City, or Macon County...

...doesn't matter. It's a 1911. It's green. It says "MC". It goes BANG when I want it to, and it puts big holes in what ever I aim it at.

I bought it.

I'm happy with it.

Paint some of your wares O.D.Green, stamp "MC" on the side and watch crusty old jarheads line up to buy them by the bushel, no matter what you're actually selling.

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