Winchester 1876 .45-75


This is another family heirloom rifle, ostensibly being purchased in New York by my Great Grandfather before hitting the western trail.

According to the serial number, this rifle was manufactured in 1882, which is pretty close to Great Grand Dad's arrival in the states.

Detail of the very cool lever securing latch.

You can see this rifle in the hands of my Great-Uncle pictured here in 1903. My Grandfather is on the left with the French Infantry M1853/67 "Zulu shotgun" referenced HERE.

This is a very cool rifle, that has seen lots of action serving our family for the last 120 years.



Note the poorly replaced tang screw and the interesting file marks on both the stock and tang, leading me to conclude the stock is not original. As the rifle has always been in the family, it's a shame we don't know who did the work, or what the story was. Despite a relative lack of finishing, the stock is very, very well done, and fits excellently. A testimony to the wood-working prowess of someone in my family. It is also interesting to see they apparently shared my loathing for sanding and finishing.



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