Colt Model 1860 Army Frederic Remington Commemorative   

I have always liked the 1860 Army, and I knew someday I'd need to get one. I was holding out on finding an original, but never had enough money.

I figured I had enough reproduction cap & ball pistols that I never shot, why not wait and get a nice, original 1860?

That never happened. They don't come easy, or cheap.

Then one day, my Dad told me he had something for me.

"Probably another stack of old Mining Journals", I thought.

Imagine my surprise when he tells me to go get the wooden box on top of the shelf, and this pops out!

I love my Dad.

This is one of "America Remembers" ornate commemorative collectible pistols.

These guys have been making various commemorative pieces for a long time. In fact this one is from 1990.

I just always thought they were too purty,and too pricey for me to ever consider owning one.

That and I like to shoot my firearms, and I don't think it would be right to shoot something so gall durn purty.

My father got this from a wonderful widowed woman who is currently engaged to my brother, and the original paperwork identifies her former husband as the orignal owner.

I never knew him, but she's a wonderful gal, and while I regret getting this piece through his tragic demise, I will give it a worthy home.

But I am still keeping an eye out for the right original Army.




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