Cimarron 1860 Remington New Model Army .45 Colt conversion

(Phew, that's a long name)


I fell in love with the 1860 Remington revolver the first time I saw the movie "Pale Rider".


The 1860 "New Model" Army was a legend long before Clint Eastwood was born.

And this Italian reproduction is chambered in a cartridge the originals were never fed.

When theses black powder conversions were originally introduced, they were usually in .46 rimfire, or .44 centerfire.

Here you can see the loading gate that was added as part of the conversion process.

An ejector rod assembly was also added, and later production variants dispensed with the redundant integral ramming lever.

I keep telling myself I need a few extra cylinders to practice that nifty quick reload trick.

Having tried it a couple times stairing straight ahead, away from the pistol, my admiration for Clint Eastwoods dexterity is admirable.

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