Colt 1851 Navy

               .36 caliber revolver           

My father traded a Model T body for this pistol many years ago.

It's all original, in nice shape, and still has it's original case.

According to it's all-matching serial number, this original Model 1851 Colt was manufactured in 1854

Is that a tiny "G" or just a odd wear mark?

And a "3"?

Serial number 36523 on the cylinder. So little of the "Naval Scene" remains that it's hard to discern it ever had one.

Only a few waves, and the edge of a sail can be made out. Barely.

Underside showing three more matching serials...

...and another on the butt.

Accessories: Check out the mold and powder flask!

Detail of the stamps on the mold

"Hmmm, I wonder what's in this old box?"

Wow! What treasures indeed!

I have not been able to find any information about Mr. Theo. E. Stavenier thus far.

I don't know what these little bits are...other than the nipple wrench.

It seems the piece on the right is rubber capped in steel. The left is a simple band.

I placed them next to the wrench for scale.

A very nice ensemble. If only it could talk...


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